Welcome to One Little Pig


Welcome to One Little Pig!

I first stepped into the food blogging world my Junior year in high school. I had just completed a research paper that I had been working on for a month and I needed a reward. Cookies. I mean, what better reward was there for a month of flipping through books, poring over articles, and organizing everything into a coherent argument? There wasn’t one. I went online and typed in “cookie recipes.” Near the top of the Google search results screen, I saw the link, Cookie Recipes | smitten kitchen and clicked on it. I was assaulted by mouthwatering photos of cookies of all shapes and sizes and flavors. One link led to another and it was 2:00AM when I realized I still hadn’t decided on a cookie recipe to try. From then on, I spent my free time drooling over photos, entering giveaways, and experiencing restaurants all over the country with my favorite food bloggers. I want to thank Deb (SmittenKitchen), Jamie (MyBakingAddiction), Joy (JoytheBaker), Nicole (BakingBites), Angie (Bakerella), and the folks working hard over at SeriousEats for bringing me into the world of food blogging. I continue to read your blogs and constantly find inspiration from the delicious foods and experiences you share.

Movenpick Ice Cream & Coffee

Now, over four years later, I have finally created One Little Pig. Here, I will write about my kitchen adventures, restaurant experiences (both good and bad), various nommy foods I encounter, and, most importantly, the interweaving of food and my life. Thank you for accompanying me on my food journey!


:) Karen

2 thoughts on “Welcome to One Little Pig

  1. Good Day. I enjoyed reading your blog so much! Very refreshing and love the wonderfully clear shot pics of everything. (even bad dishes made my mouth water! LOL) Thank you for taking the time to post. Chao!

    • I try to find the time to write up new posts, but it’s more difficult to do during classes. Readers like you encourage me to keep writing, photographing, and sharing. :) Thank you so much for reading my blog and sharing your thoughts on it with me! Enticing pictures of food are a must-have for any food blog, so I’m excited to hear that mine are producing the desired results.

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