Highland Bakery – Old 4th Ward

Challah bread french toast with berries, French cream, and brown sugar butter

“Next semester, let’s run everyday and train together, as if we were on the cross country team. A can be the ‘coach’, L can be the ‘event coordinator,’ and I can be the ‘nutritionist!'”

The three of us made this decision at the Highland Bakery on a sunny Saturday morning half a year ago.

This semester, we returned to the place where the transformation of L’s life began. (A and I, we weren’t able to make it. ;) I am much more active than before though!) L started running everyday at the beginning of winter break and kept it up when the spring semester began. At first, I joined him on his runs, but the semester toiled onwards and his pace picked up. Now, I opt to play tennis with him instead. :D

Saturday brunch crowd

The parking lot consists of about 6 spots. That’s it. Oh, they’re full? Too bad. You’ll have to wedge your car somewhere between a million others in the nearby neighborhood. Thus, visiting Highland Bakery, the Old 4th Ward location, requires mad parallel parking skills – which is why I drove. Who said Asian girls can’t drive? ;) Being the brilliant college students we were, we chose to return on a Saturday at 11:30AM – prime brunch time. Thankfully, most of the people waiting consisted of pairs so we only waited about twenty minutes for a table for 4.

Highland Bakery’s two-sided menu offers breakfast and lunch, but I have never ventured to the other side of the menu. I suppose I’m just a breakfast person.

I consistently stick to my 3 favorite dishes: a half order of French Toast with a side of turkey sausage (~$4+$2.59), Ricotta Pancakes ($7.99), and the Highland Breakfast ($6.99).

I’ve visited this bright brunch spot multiple times. What can I say? Something about reasonably priced and tasty food keeps drawing me back.

Full order: challah bread french toast with berries, French cream, and brown sugar butter ($7.99)
Don’t be fooled. The French Toast is ginormous. Compare each slice to the coffee mug in the picture.

My friends consistently order the Highland Breakfast each time due to its low price and large amount of food.

Highland Breakfast: scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, potatoes, sourdough toast, and extra side of bacon

Highland Breakfast: scrambled eggs, turkey sausage, potatoes, and cinnamon raisin bagel

In recent visits, however, they have started to grow adventurous – L even ventured into lunch territory and ordered the Spinach Salad.

Classic Eggs Benedict & Potatoes ($8.99)

Full Spinach Salad with strawberries, goat cheese, walnuts, and balsamic vinaigrette ($6.99)

At Highland Bakery, you may not stumble upon a life-changing event, you might wait for over half an hour for a table, and your hair will probably smell like a diner for the rest of the day, but you will leave with a full stomach and mostly intact wallet.

Highland Bakery – Old 4th Ward
655 Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
(404) 586-0772

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