Sublime Doughnuts

Sublime Doughnuts

Two hours before campus housing booted all non-seniors out of the dorms, my friends and I drove over to Sublime Doughnuts. This small doughnutery had received a lot of national press and a new location had just opened up in Bangkok of all places. I wanted to see if the deep-fried goodies Sublime Doughnuts offered really merited the title of “America’s best bakery.”

Sublime Doughnuts lies in the middle of a small, unassuming strip mall across from Georgia Tech’s campus. We visited them on a Thursday morning and, inside, 2 customers were enjoying their doughnuts on the couch. The first things to catch my eyes were the little doughnut earrings displayed on a bookshelf, alongside other doughnut merchandise (pillows, necklaces, pens, and more). Allergies toward non silver and gold earrings (I’m a pricey girl it seems ;)) prevented me from buying any.

Sweet aromas led me to the counter, where trays of doughnuts beckoned to me from behind closed glass doors. A few of the trays had been emptied already – I guess they had been the morning crowd’s favorites. After ten minutes of intense contemplation, I finally selected 2 doughnuts and a cup of french-pressed coffee. L and A chose their doughnuts and we dove into these sweet pillows of joy.

From Top (left – right) to Bottom (left – right): A-town Mocha, Fresh Strawberries n Cream, Dark Chocolate Raspberry Filled Heart, A-town Cream, Red Velvet Cake

A closeup of the filled heart – this was a tad too sweet and the least favorite

My friend A had to go back for seconds :P Here we have Dulce de Leche, A-town Cream, & Butter Toffee with Caramel Chocolate Icing

I could taste every bit of love and dedication Kamal Grant put into rolling and cutting out the dough for these doughnut clouds at 2 a.m. every morning. I absolutely love the dough – it’s light, not overly sweet, and has an amazing puffy texture. I can find no words to describe these doughnuts. My roommate hadn’t been able to wake up to join us on this morning escapade and I couldn’t let her miss out, so I bought her an A-town Mocha to-go (and a Red Velvet Cake for moi ;)).

The verdict? Much as I love Krispy Kreme’s hot glazed doughnuts, Sublime has completely won me over. Now, if only they were across from my college campus…but then again, maybe it’s a good thing they’re not. :P

PS These doughnuts were crafted for same-day consumption. If you’re looking for doughnuts that taste the same 3 days later, you’ll have better luck at Krispy Kreme or Kroger.

Sublime Doughnuts
535 10th Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 897-1801

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