College Eats: Revolution Doughnuts


I have stumbled across countless hidden gems in Decatur, a dear little city nestled in Atlanta, over the past three years I’ve lived there. Thus, when I received an email from Atlanta’s Thrillist on a new doughnut shop in Decatur, I wasted no time in dragging my friend through 4 o’clock traffic to try it.

I must say, Revolution Doughnuts could have chosen a better location. It looks as if someone decided to start a strip mall along a dusty stretch of empty land in the middle of a neighborhood and gave up after constructing the first three shops. My friend and I were peering around us, convinced that the GPS was lying to us about “arriving at destination, on left.” Nonetheless, we obeyed the GPS and turned intoΒ  a tiny “parking lot” squeezed between the road and grass where we continued to search for the elusive doughnut shop. My friend noticed the abandoned-looking strip mall across the street from us. It took us a minute to spot the words “Revolution Doughnuts” scrawled across the door in marker.

The beautiful doughnut display case

Within the dark doors lies a cute, well-decorated space. Right in front of us was a crystal clear case where trays of doughnuts awaited us.

A shared favorite :)

Almond cakey goodness

Flakes of coconut in each bite~

My friend and I got four doughnuts to share:

Cinnamon Sugar (top left), Salted Caramel (top right), Coconut (bottom left), Almond (bottom right)

Revolution Doughnuts offers two types of doughnuts: yeast and cake. Out of the four we tried, three were cake doughnuts; only the cinnamon sugar was yeast. The cake doughnuts tasted similar to the cupcakes I had at Piece of Cake: sweet, sweet, sweet buttery goodness. The salted caramel topping had a wonderful balance of salty and sweet, but with the cake doughnut + caramel, it was just too sweet for us. However, if you like cupcakes, you’ll love these doughnuts. They don’t skimp on the toppings either!

I prefer the cinnamon sugar yeast doughnut, like my friend. Like I’ve said before, I’m not a big fan of extremely sweet foods – I think it’s an Asian thing. The yeast doughnut had the perfect touch of sweetness for me. But what I loved most about this doughnut was its texture. In Taiwan, we love foods that have a chew, that almost bounce in your mouth (think mochi, or the bubbles in bubble tea) – we call this texture “QQ.” I have to tell you, Revolution Doughnuts’ yeast doughnut was the most “QQ” non-Asian food I’ve ever had – finish it with a drizzle of dark chocolate ganache or a shower of cinnamon sugar the way that Revolution Doughnuts does and I promise I will return. :D

Note: The doughnuts here are pretty huge. We couldn’t finish the four doughnuts between the two of us.

Revolution Doughnuts
908 W College Ave
Decatur, GA 30030
(678) 927-9920

Revolution Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

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