Mae’s Bakery & Coffee


I want to start off apologizing for neglecting my blog these past few weeks. I would like to share the happy news that I’ve finished pumping out my medical school secondary applications though! So in my defense, I had been (more or less) productive. :)

A bright and cute little bakery tucked in a complex on Lenox Road, Mae’s Bakery showcases a wide variety of baked goods, including a few savory options, like a Chicken Sausage with Garlic and Mozzarella roll. I first noticed the bakery when walking off a filling sushi buffet lunch in the parking lot (it was at Ki Ku’s, a place I will never visit again – look for a future post). I patiently told myself to visit another day when I wasn’t quite so stuffed.

I first stepped into Mae’s Bakery at about 1PM on a Monday. The robin blue walls, the quaint wickerish chairs, and the small vases of flowers instantly charmed me – the large, clear display case filled with goodies may have helped, too.Upon walking in, the master baker, Beth, herself, greeted my friend, A, and I. The epitome of southern hospitality, Beth ran through the baked goods with us. She assured us that nothing contained preservatives or artificial ingredients and flavorings. “We make everything from scratch,” she emphasized.

I had already grabbed lunch beforehand and thus, my stomach capacity had shrunk – I still found enough room to share two cupcakes and a small coffee with my friend, A, though. ;) The cupcakes we chose were the Almond Joy Cupcake and the Vanilla with Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake.

I must say I enjoyed them both immensely. We tried the Almond Joy one first – it had a fresh coconut topping as well as an almond shortbread crust at the bottom. Beth had described it as “an Almond Joy candy bar in cupcake form.” A, whose favorite candy bar is the Almond Joy, agreed wholeheartedly. Finished off with a dollop of chocolate buttercream, it had the perfect amount of sweetness, particularly when paired with the coffee. Slightly plain compared to its friend, the vanilla cupcake wore a huge cap of vanilla buttercream. The moist cake had a nice vanilla flavor. The frosting’s sweetness came close to being oversweet. Thankfully, the coffee’s bitterness balanced both cupcakes’ sweetness beautifully. The Almond Joy cupcake alone beckoned me back for more sweet adventures the following Monday after class.

I had noticed the free Wi-Fi sign on my previous visit. Thus, I came prepared to study for an afternoon while slowly savoring another cupcake. When I arrived, I found an added bonus – samples!! Beth had set out two plates of samples: lemon raspberry bars and plain lemon bars. I tried both. :) Having had a tooth-achingly sweet lemon tart recently had Floataway Cafe, I found both samples to be surprisingly tasty. Both had excellent, crunchy shortbread crusts and the lemon filling had a great balance of sweet and tart. I couldn’t help but sneak another bite. ;) I must admit, though, that the lemon raspberry bars needed a bit more raspberry punch – as they are, they taste deliciously similar to the normal lemon bars.

This cupcake featured a nice, chocolatey cake topped with a swirl of smooth, peanut butter buttercream and a small Reese’s peanut butter cup. Smoothed out with, once again, a cup of coffee, it made the perfect studying snack. I stayed until closing time and as I packed up, I noticed that a few bites of each sample still remained. The lady behind the register had began to clear up the display case. Seeing me about to leave, she offered me the rest of the samples. “I would hate to throw these away if someone’s willing to take them.” My eyes lit up and I blurted out, “Yes! I’ll take them!” They became my friends’ and my dessert that night – unsurprisingly, they all enjoyed the samples, too.

I’ve returned to Mae’s Bakery multiple times and tried a different cupcake each time. I ordered the Funfetti Cupcake at A’s insistence – the beautiful, colorful cupcake appealed to his childlike nature. It tasted exactly how I imagined it would taste – a vanilla cake and vanilla buttercream interspersed with a healthy sprinkling of sprinkles. A satisfying treat for children and adults alike, it lacked the creativity of the Almond Joy cupcake, which I haven’t seen since my first visit.

The Salted Caramel Chocolate Cupcake comes in as my second favorite at Mae’s Bakery. Not too salty, not too sweet, it painted a tasty portrait of sweet and savory on my tongue. The rich caramel flavor shines. My only gripe would be the mystery wedge on top – I think it was a hardened piece of chewy, salted caramel. It was way too sweet and strong to be presented in such a large chunk. I would have preferred a couple of small pieces instead. On my latest trip to Mae’s Bakery, I ordered the Banana Walnut Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream. Small bits of walnuts lace the banana-ey cake. I loved the cake base – I could really taste the banana. However, I wished I could taste more of the walnut’s nuttiness. The strong banana and chocolate flavors completely flatten the walnut bits. I also found the chocolate buttercream to be a tad oversweet in this cupcake – a first for me at Mae’s Bakery. Thankfully, I had ordered a cup of coffee and the bitterness helped a ton.

I really enjoy visiting Mae’s Bakery. The friendly service, clean dining area, decent Wi-Fi, and (usually) not-too-sweet cupcakes keep me coming back again and again. I will definitely try some of the other baked goods, both the sweet and the savory, here someday. I’ve overheard several special orders, including one for a wedding. Beth met each customer personally in almost all cases and did her best to accommodate their requests (yes, I admit I’m an eavesdropper). I highly recommend giving this place a try!

Mae’s Bakery
2770 Lenox Rd, B4
Atlanta, GA 30324
(404) 565-0938

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