College Eats: The General Muir

2013-08-09 18.56.20A shopping/dining/apartment complex, Emory Point, had opened up across from the CDC during the last half year or so. When I first saw the news, all I could think was, why in the world did they wait so long to open up a place like this?? Imagine if this had been here during my freshman year at Emory! Not only does Emory Point offer a nice selection of restaurants, it’s only a 10-20 minute walk from campus. I would definitely have been there every weekend! Instead, I spent half of my freshman weekends waiting for MARTA, trying to get to places like Buford Highway and Perimeter. However, since I’ll be in Atlanta another four years for medical school, I’ll forgive their delay. Since their opening, I’ve been in and out of Point frequently. So far, I’ve been to F2O, La Tagliatella, Bonefish Grill, Marlow’s Tavern, Sweet Monkey, Tin Lizzy’s, and Which Wich. I’d bypassed The General Muir quite a few times, mostly because it looked rather dark from the outside. Recently though, The General Muir has been getting some really great press as one of the top Jewish delis in the country. Having never tried a Jewish eatery, I had no reason not to check it out. Thus, when my parents came down to help me move to a new apartment and wanted to treat my good friend, a Reuben fanatic, to dinner, I immediately suggested The General Muir.

We were immediately greeted by a cheerful, friendly hostess when we entered. Since we were there relatively early for dinner, she let us choose a table. We chose one of the cozy booths against the far wall of the restaurant. I absolutely loved the interior of this place. I couldn’t believe how wrong I was about it being dark! Combined with multiple, large windows, the high ceilings, white “brick” walls, and adorable globe-shaped lights created a wonderfully bright and cheery atmosphere. The tables were spaced perfectly, allowing customers to feel a little privacy (unlike Bonefish Grill) and light to shine freely. Our server, although not very knowledgeable in terms of beer, was friendly and helpful. After checking with the bartender, he recommended the Stella Artois on draft as a good substitute for Heineken. The Stella was light, smooth, and refreshing – although it was for my dad, I snagged the last half of his glass. ;) He ordered another glass, so it’s all good.

2013-08-09 18.57.59The four of us shared the Swiss Chard Fritters for an appetizer. Vibrantly green and packed full of swiss chard, these fritters almost tricked me into feeling healthy as I ate them. The whipped house ricotta at the bottom provided a nice, creamy contrast to the fritter, which could have been more crisp. They were a little too soft, lacking the satisfyingly crispy exterior I love in fried foods. Despite its topping of Parmesan cheese, the dish could have used a touch more salt, too. However, it’s unlike anything I’ve tried before and I enjoyed it for the most part.

2013-08-09 19.17.11My mother and I split a medium-rare skirt steak, so the picture above is just half of the entree. Served over potato puree and sauteed greens, the skirt steak was cooked perfectly – red, juicy, and tender. The potato puree had a velvety texture and tasted wonderful from all of the sauce and juices. Unfortunately, the overwhelming amount of garlic in the dish ruined it for me. I love garlic, but there was so much that it just dominated the other flavors. Not only that, there were many, many chunks of crunchy, not-quite-cooked-through garlic intermixed with the pepperoncini and sauteed greens. At the end, I felt like I was eating garlic that somehow had the texture of steak and pureed potatoes.

2013-08-09 19.17.45The only reason I didn’t order the fried chicken was because my dad called dibs on it first. Seeing as I could steal some from him, I didn’t bicker with him over it. When his dish reached the table, I immediately regretted not putting up more of a fight. Split into the thigh, drumstick, and breast, the chicken had the amazing, finger-burning crunchy outside that the fritters had lacked. Seasoned beautifully and surprisingly juicy, the chicken almost didn’t need its accompanying spicy-honey sauce. The sauce was so good, however, that you can’t simply set it aside, unless if you’re like my dad, who’s not a big fan of savory-sweet. Sweet, floral, and packing a powerful punch of spice, the honey sauce made a delicious fried chicken into The General Muir’s fried chicken. Its side of cucumber slaw couldn’t stand up to the chicken at all. A little watered down, it was “meh” – a nice, healthy side, but nothing special or particularly memorable.

Unfortunately, my friend completely devoured the Reuben before I could snap a picture of it. Although I didn’t taste it, it looked amazingly satisfying. Piled high with a generous portion of corned beef, the sandwich was surprisingly large. Served with only a large pickle, the Reuben stood no chance before my friend. Despite its size, for the price, I do think that the sandwich should have come with some sort of simple side, whether it be a side salad, house-made chips, or fries. Regardless, it got my friend’s stamp of complete approval.

When we had been ordering, I’d caught a glimpse of the brunch and breakfast menus on the other side of the dinner menu. Combined with the pleasant dining experience we had, dishes such as the 3 Egg Omelet and Smoked Hash beckoned me to return for brunch sometime. The General Muir’s close proximity, creative and tasty dishes, and friendly service definitely ensure my return in the near future.

The General Muir
1540 Avenue Place, Suite B-230
Atlanta, GA 30329
(678) 927-9131

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